About H and H

H and H Poultry is your one stop for show quality chickens, production pullets, sustainable meat birds, pet chickens, and disease advice.

Offering hatching eggs, eating eggs, baby chicks, juvenile pullets, and aged poultry of all kinds.


H and H Poultry specializes in breeding show quality and production poultry. Our breeds include:


Birchen Marans                                       Black Copper Marans

Black Tailed Buff Marans                        Blue, Black & Splash Marans

Blue Copper Marans                                Cuckoo Marans


Other breeds available: 

Black Ameraucana (Paul Smith)

Brabanters - Cream and Gold (H&H Poultry)

Brahmas - Gold Laced and Blue Partridge

Delaware (Austin's Best Poultry) (Sandhill Preservation)

Plymouth Rocks - White, Barred

Rhode Island Reds (Lloyd Flannigan and H&H Poultry)

Rhode Island Red Bantams (Stephen Burkhart and Michael Fransis)

Sussex - Speckled & Coronation  (BJ's Poultry & Cacklefruit Farms)

White Leghorn (Sandhill Preservation)


*Marans breeding stock at Texas Marans originates from the Beverley Davis lines out of Florida.