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Slate Guinea Eggs from our birds bred from Ralph Winters stock
Raising Keeping and Using Guineas in Your Garden book.

Black Copper Marans – from Texas Marans
Blue Black and Splash Marans – from Bev Davis
Black Tailed Buff – working on the line
Blue Copper Marans -sold out
Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Marans – from Cree Farms
Cuckoo Marans – from Nicol Perry
Silver and Gold Duckwing Marans – working on the line
Birchen Marans – working on the line
(all Marans are French bred birds and are from 
Bev Davis stock)
Cream and Gold Brabanters – H and H line bred for 12 years
Coronation Sussex from BJ Poultry’s stock
Delaware – Show Quality – from 
Austin’s Best Poultry
White Leghorn from Sandhill Preservation
Paint Silkies and Black Silkies of Paradise Silkies line
Show Quality Rhode Island Red – Lloyd Flannagan line
Black Ameraucana – From Paul Smith lines
Black Faverolles from Little Creek lines
Mahogonay Faverolles from Sandhill Preservation

All Chicks upon availability:
Starting at $10.00 each for straight-run hatchlings.
Will ship anywhere in the USA.

Trios and Quads, please call April at 512-755-5056