Dairy Goat Pellets - 15%

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Our pelleted Goat and Sheep Feed Rations are SOY FREE, corn free, and NON-GMO grains.  All are formulated to be premium feed to supplement hay, forage, and pasture.

Our 15% Dairy Goat Pellets are enhanced with All Natural Fertrell Premier Goat Mineral specially formulated to maximize your growing doe and milking goat’s health and well being.  This ration is also commonly used for dairy cows.  Copper is included in this ration so please do not feed to your sheep as they are sensitive to copper.

We strive to include a healthy and sustainable variety of seeds, grains, and protein sources. These combined with the Fertrell give your goats and sheep well rounded supplemental rations they will thrive on.


Why Soy Free and Non-GMO Feed?

H and H Feed Made by Nature, NOT in a lab!

The question “Why Soy Free and Non-GMO?” requires a lengthy response, too much to truly cover here. The following is a brief overview and we will add relevant links as we can:

Soy-Free Most of the soy available today is genetically modified. Additionally soy has become the inexpensive “filler” protein used in so many commercial animal feeds. Soy-based protein as the main protein source is not natural for animals. Additionally chickens are not vegetarians. (Watch them chase down a grasshopper or chase each other for an earthworm!) And they need both plant and animal protein to get the complimentary amino acids necessary for a truly healthy bird. Goats need a variety of protein sources as well to thrive.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Increasingly, and controversially, some grains are being planted using genetically modified seeds. In this way the crop can survive herbicides (think Round-Up ready corn) and yields can be artificially increased. We believe in avoiding GMO grains in our own diet and in the diets of our animals! Our tests have shown no GMO detected in the grain we use in our feed.