Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country

H and H Poultry breeds a number of beautiful breeds. Some are perfect for egg production while others are bred to be competitive Show Quality birds for APA Open and Junior competitions throughout the USA today.



Current sexed pullets available as of 17 November 2016:

Ameraucana: blue, black and lavender


Blue legs

Brabanter: blue, cream

Brahma: buff, light and blue partridge

Buff Orpingtons

Cochins: blue



Marans: black, black copper, blue, wheaten, and white.


Olive Eggers

Rhode Island Reds (single comb, show type)



Hatchery Choice Females:

4 female chicks 2-4 weeks old shipped Express Mail to your door. $135.00




Find out more about our specialty breeds by clicking on a photo below:

Rhode Island Reds

Cream Legbars

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